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As a gem of the Chinese nation, Chinese medicine has a long history and unique curative effects.  For thousands of years, our ancestors have accumulated an abundant foundation of theory and practice experience in the course of fighting against nature, which has greatly contributed to health and development of the Chinese nation.


Massage is an important branch of Chinese medicine, which has a unique and magical curative effect. Manipulation is the important means of Tuina treatment. Its quality standard techniques can directly affect the therapeutic result .

It is important to use proper manipulations on specific acupoints or body segments in order to improve the curative effect. The techniques mainly consists of pressing, kneading, pushing, grasping, pointing, pushing down and nipping methods in order to improve blood circulation, eliminate tiredness, sickness, stimulate metabolism, as well as to strengthen the body, and to prolong life.


These techniques are very practical, simple and easy to learn. With the improvement of people’s living standards and attention to health, our school offers different courses to provide service to people who love living and health.

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